Прошивка для Tronsmart T428 Hybrid Firmware (HFW)

Новенькие прошивки для Tronsmart T428 (подходят и для Iconbit Toucan Stick G4 (Measy U4B)).

Описание на забугорном:


(some bugs may be present)



-all futures of 1.2.0

-firmware migration (!there might be some bugs due to hevy changes, please post your findings!)

-new shutdown menu

-power off working as it should

-new base firmware (latest minix firmware)

-fixed setting/firmwork-res strings

-screenshot button can be turned off/on in settings (!change location of screenshot to sdcard!)

-autohide statusbar option in settings>display

-new 720p kernel to prevent reboots (from «ugoos ut1»)

-«special» removed from HFW Settings, «Dev Settings» added insted

-alot fixes, tweaks etc.



(last ver based on stock k-r42 rom)

v1.2.0 Final



-spoofed as Galaxy SIII

-gamepad button on statusbar opens «Tincore Key Mapper» (you can play games like bad pieggies with mouse)

-build.prop tweaks

-gameloft fix

-2gb app space

-changed bootanimation

-deleted usles apps

-better webcam support (logitech webcams like c525 wasnt working before, now it works like a charm)

-bootsound suport (put any .mp3 into system/media and rename it to android_audio.mp3 it will be played at bootanimation screen.)

-auto install advancedsettings.xml for smooth 1080p videa playback in XBMC

-Default launcher option under HFW settings>Special (Chouse which launcher you want to use as default)

-nfs support

-init.d support

-added HFW version under settings>about device

-added some nice apps:

*ES Explorer (ver. before layaut change)


*Youtube for GTV 1.6 (due to login problems on 1.7.1)

-new settings (HFW Settings)

*Special (Conect to PC; Download XBMC)

*Performance (you can change CPU clocks)

*Equalizer (need some testing)

*SuperSU (now it wil show here insted of app drawer)

*Terminal (//-//-//-)

-unlocked hiden options:



-new modules:

*ntfs.ko added










*virtual touchscreen.ko (720p)

-some visual changes

-modules package [provided with the rom package]

-disabled hdmi check for apps like «Xfinity, HBO GO»

-new visual (system bar etc.)

-power button on system bar

-clean home screen from usles shourtcats and widgets

-new wallpaper

-ic_sysbar_highlight changed to cyan

-ic_sysbar_lights_out_dot changed to transparent (no dots on status bar when waching movie on mx player etc.)

-deleted search bar from home

Немного скриншотов:

Ну и собственно сами прошивки:

v.1.2.1 — скачать.

v.1.2.0 — скачать.


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