Новая кастомная прошивка для Tronsmart Vega S89/S89-H, VissonTech S82 и Beelink S82

Новая кастомная прошивка для Tronsmart Vega S89/S89-H, VissonTech S82 и Beelink S82 от stane1983. (Новый ромодел)

Описание на английском:

  • Recovery screen fixed (if installing from USB, won’t be vissible on first install)
  • Boot splashscreen fixed
  • Implemented Yahoo weather provider into settings and launcher
  • Small redesign of OTA app and English language corrections
  • Video player — English translation fixes
  • Video player — added outline to subtitles
  • Video player — maximum subtitle size increased to 48
  • Video player — under subtitle settings you can choose encoding language for subtitles (needs restart of Video player)
  • Video player — fixes — subtitle position, font color etc. are now saved, not lost on each restart
  • Latest Amlogic sources (2014-06-30)
  • Kernel upgraded to 3.10.48
  • Dolby decoding
  • Pre-rooted (SuperSU)
  • XBMC Gotham 13.1 with all patches for Amlogic M8 platform preinstalled
  • Core Google apps (Google services and Playstore app, rest of it install from Playstore )
  • Real suspend/resume with ir remote



s82-my apps

s82 main screen2

s82 search provider1

s82 search provider2

s82 youtube for tv

Скачать версию 20140713

Скачать версию 20140712


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